Treatment of Physeal Fractures of the Distal Radius by Volar Intrafocal Kapandji Method

Guy Rubin Hagay Orbach Avi Chezar Nimrod Rozen
Orthopedic, Emek Medical Center, Israel

Objectives: Distal radial physeal fractures with volar displacement are rare. Several methods of operative treatment include volar plate without inserting distal screws, percutaneous technique using two anterior skin incisions and reversed Kapandji technique with pins introduced through a posterior approach and locked at the anterior cortex of the fracture.

Methods: We report three cases along with a literature review of the surgical techniques described in the past and a novel surgical technique for this uncommon fracture termed "Volar Kapandji".

Results: All patients had anatomic reduction at the last follow-up radiography, and all patients had a full range of motion and VAS 0 at the last follow-up. No complications were recorded.

Conclusions: This case study presents the minimally invasive option for treating rare cases of physeal distal radius fractures with volar displacement.