External Fixation versus Plating in Open Fractures of Radius and Ulna

Shlomo Kalfa Yoram Ozer Alexander Lerner David Rothem
Orthopedics, Ziv Medical Center, Zfat, Israel

External fixation of open radius\ulna fractures is an acceptable management option. We`d like to present two severe trauma cases where external fixation was applied on admission.

Both patients had early complication of compartment syndrome which required fasciotomies and external to internal fixation conversion with skin graft.

One patient recovered very well and resumed full function, including sport activities.The other one needed 4th operation for wrist arthrodesis due to failed fixation of distal radius intraarticular fracture.

We will present these two cases and discuss whether external fixation without immediate fasciotomy is appropriate treatment for severe forearm trauma with fractures versus immediate plating when possible.