Treatment Options for Inter-digital Wart

Aharon Liberson Alperson Michael
Orthopedics, Bnei Zion Medical Center, Haifa, Israel

Introduction: Inter-digital warts are commonly seen in orthopedic foot and ankle surgery, caused by mechanical stress applied by bony prominences of adjacent toes and tight shoe-wear. It is much more common (up to 7 folds) in women but is also prevalent in men, depending on the shoe-wear. Conservative treatment is preferred, especially in those who would agree for wider shoe-wear.
Surgical treatment options include excision of one or more adjacent prominences, shortening one of the offending toes, arthrodesis or syndactylization of the lesser toes.

Excision of prominences is our preferred method, mainly due to lack of need for internal fixation.

Materials and Methods: Patient records between the years 2013-2016 were reviewed. Inclusion criteria were: patients over 18, resistance to conservative treatment, no pre-existing neuropathies. Exclusion criteria were: neuropathies, diabetic foot, infections.
34 patients were included retrospectively , 3 of them were male.

Results: The results of the treatment were uniformly good.
We described an optional oblique osteotomy.
convalescence time is long, but results are uniformly good.