Sporochartines A-E, A New Family of Natural Products from the Marine Fungus Hypoxylon monticulosum

The fungal Xylariaceae family includes more than 16 genera and 130 species and has been extensively investigated for the chemo diversity and biological activity of their metabolites. Among the 16 genera reported, Hypoxylon with 14 species is largely distributed in various marine and terrestrial habitats, and producing a large variety of bioactive compounds. We recently isolated Sporochartines A-E as a new family of natural compounds from the marine fungus Hypoxylon monticulosum CLL-205, isolated from a Sphaerocladina sponge collected in Tahiti coast. Based on the structure of the previously reported sporothriolide and trienylfuranol A, we suggested a hypothetic biosynthetic pathway of sporochartines, involving a "spiro" Diels-Alderase reaction. We are currently achieving the hemisynthesis of sporochartines and investigating the biosynthetic pathway of this new class of fungal natural compounds.