Case Report: 6 Years Old Patient with Kidney Echinococcosis

Blerina Saraci 1 Diamant Shtiza 2 Enxhi Zekollari 1 Denis Qirinxhi Enkelejda Shkurti Arminda Avdulaj 1
1Radiology, University Hospital Center Mother Teresa, Albania
2Pediatric Nephrology, University Hospital Center Mother Teresa, Albania

PURPOSE: The hydatid cyst is a frequent pathology in Albania. All localizations are possible. The hydatid cyst disease or Echinococcosis of the kidney is rare in children and constitutes only 2-4% of all cases of hydatid disease. We report our case admitted at the Emergency Room in May 2018. A 6 years old boy presented to our hospital. The clinical profile consisted in macroscopic hematuria and abdominal pain without any other signs.

MATERIAL & METHODS: The patient underwent abdominal US, which demonstrated a renal cyst. To confirm the diagnosis of hydatid cyst renal disease was performed an abdominal CT scan.

RESULTS: Abdominal US can be used in the ER to detect and evaluate renal cystic lesions. Abdominal CT scan gives a more accurate and precise view of the lesion.

CONCLUSION: Abdominal US is a valuable tool for the evaluation of renal cysts in pediatric patients. Diagnosis confirmation requires the performance of abdominal CT scan.

The patient benefited from surgical treatment consisting in open surgery. Anti parasitic medications were added in the post surgery stage. The evolution was good.

KEY WORDS: hydatid cyst, kidney, Albania