Results of Radiation and Laboratory Studies in Women with Knee Osteoarthritis

Umida Rustamova Azizov M.J Valieva K.N Umarova G.Sh
Radiation Diagnostics Department, Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics, Uzbekistan

OBJECTIVE: To study the relationship between densitometric and laboratory changes in knee osteoarthritis (KOA) in women during menopause.
Materials and methods of research: the total number of women - 156. Digital radiography was conducted; X-ray densitometry; laboratory diagnostics was used to determine the state of vitamin D and bettacross laps in the blood. The average age was 57 +10.2 years. With densitometry, standard programs and "whole body" are used. The state of vitamin D and bettacross laps - the process of collagen degradation - was studied in the laboratory. The correlation analysis is carried out.

RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: X-ray revealed the KOA stage by Kellgren-Lawrence. The examined women found themselves with different body weight and different stage of KOA, more often they had obesity. Obesity of the first degree prevailed in the range of 30-34.9 kg / m2 (more than 30%). It was found that the decrease in BMD positively correlates with KOA, depending on the severity of the disease and age, the older the age, the more frequent the decrease in BMD and the development of KOA. In COA, a decrease in BMD correlated with obesity / obesity. The coefficient of bone / muscle mass / fat mass in women aged 40 to 55-60 years averaged 1:20:30; after 60 years there was a decrease in the mass of muscles and fats, and the ratio was about 1:18:25. Laboratory with KOA there was an increase in bettacrossLaps and a decrease in the amount of vitamin D. Densitometry revealed a decrease in the sarcopenic index, which was largely correlated with a decrease in the amount of vitamin D.

CONCLUSION: Thus, in women of menopausal age, with a decrease in vitamin D, weight gain progressed, therefore, the development of osteoporosis, which probably contributed to the progression of KOA.

Umida Rustamova
Umida Rustamova