Ultrasound‐Guided Arthrography of the Shoulder Prior to MR Examination- Shift From Fluoroscopy or Blind Contrast Injection RMC Experience

Lior Bercovich Jacob Levy Tatiana Peysakhovich Eli Atar Ernesto Glaser
Radiology, Rabin Medical Center, Israel

PURPOSE: To describe the success rate of MR shoulder arthrography using ultrasound guided gadolinium injection compared to blind injection and fluoroscopic injection.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: During 3 months 53 patients referred to our center for an MR arthrogram of shoulders underwent US guided injections. There were 31 males and 22 females and ages ranged from17-73 years old . Successful MR arthrography was checked and compared to blind injections and fluoroscopic guided injections that were performed in the last 3 years. The arthrography quality was graded from 1(non diagnostic) to 4 (excellent ).

RESULTS: US guided shoulders arthrography success was 98 %, blind injections 81% and fluoroscopic guided injections 98%. Image quality was excellent . There were no immediate complications in US group.

CONCLUSIONS: US is an effective alternate guidance technique for the injection of gadolinium into shoulder, for MR arthrography compared to fluoroscopic guided and superior to blind injections . Its advantages are cost effectiveness, easy of performance, injections in the MR waiting area , and lack of radiation.