Color Doppler Use for Guidance during Arthrographies or Intraarticular Medications Injections

Lior Bercovich Jacob Levy Tatiana Peysakhovich Eli Atar Ernesto Glaser
Radiology, Rabin Medical Center, Israel

PURPOSE: To evaluate the use of color Doppler for better guidance during arthrographies or intraarticular medications injections.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: During 6 month 40 patients referred to our unit for shoulder or hip joint intraarticular injections. All procedures were sonographically guided. During test injection additional guidance by color Doppler ultrasonography was performed.

RESULTS: Successful targeted injections were achieved in all patients, both in the arthrographic contrast injections, validated by the MR images and medications injections validated by clinical improvement. No major nor manor complications were noted.

CONCLUSIONS: Visualization of the injected material pathway using color Doppler is a powerful tool to evaluate the precise location of injected material for intraarticular injections.