Invited: Recent Advances in Flexible Electrodes for whole Cell and Tissue Bio-electrochemical Sensors

Yosi Shacham
Tel Aviv University, Israel

Electrodes are important components in electrical and bio-electrochemical sensing. In whole cell systems the electrodes are integrated with the micro systems to pick up the signal generated by the biological entity. It can be cells, which can be dispersed in an aqueous solution or immobilized on (or near) the electrodes, tissues, organs and whole body (e.g. Animals and plants). Recently, the need for reliable flexible electrodes emerge from the growing fields of wearables and the need to allow low cost polymer based manufacturing. Recent advances in nano-particle based electrodes, combined with innovations taken from the growing fields of flexible electronics and printing electronics allow making better, more reliable, and with better performance. In this talk we present novel electrodes integrating passive and active devices, using functionalized nano-particles. We discuss the role of the nanoparticles, both metals and wide bandgap semiconductors, mounted on the flexible substrate. Next we present our new methods of rapid electrode prototyping and manufacturing using femto second laser processing. The presentation will include also examples from various biological systems, including eubacteria, animal and plant kingdoms.

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