Invited: The MobiGuide Project: Guiding Patients Any Time Everywhere

Mor Peleg
University of Haifa, Israel

MobiGuide was a 4-year large-scale European project, with over 60 researchers, clinicians and engineers, from 13 different organizations in five countries, which I have led. MobiGuide is a scalable, secure, ubiquitously accessible, and user-friendly mobile solution for designing, deploying, and maintaining a clinical decision-support system (CDSS) for patients and their care providers. The novelty of the approach is in patient-centrality, personalization, and distribution of decision-support for patients who use a mobile CDSS that includes a Smartphone and wearable biosensors that interacts with the main web-based CDSS of the physicians. The CDSS is based on clinical guidelines and personal health records, provides personalized evidence-based clinical recommendations, and has demonstrated in our proof of concept implementation (gestational diabetes patients in a hospital in Spain and atrial fibrillation patients in Italy) an increase in patients` satisfaction and in their compliance to evidence-based clinical guidelines as well as an impact on clinician’s decisions.

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