Betalin Therapeutics: The Future Of Diabetes Treatment

Shay Herchcovici
Scientist, Israel

Betalin Therapeutics was founded for one goal, find a cure for diabetes.

After years of research, Prof. James Shapiro created the Edmonton Protocol, the most advanced treatment for diabetes. Betalin’s technology improved it to make it viable for humans.

The technology is a combination of a micro-organ matrix (MOM), implanted with ß cells, mimicking the native human pancreatic insulin producing cell function and restoring insulin production in patients with Type 1 & 2 Diabetes Mellitus.. The EMP (engineered micro-pancreas) is implanted using a simple procedure, wherein the patient is provided with a local anaesthetic.

Our final goal is, after years of fundraising and R&D, to launch it into the market by 2024.

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