Self Assited Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Ofer Ziv 2 Hadar Sabari 1 Tal Soffer 1
1Afeka - Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering, Israel
2Afeka - Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering, Israel

Background: The physiotherapy process is a long and requires close supervision by a physiotherapist. In order to facilitate the rehabilitation process, we developed a biofeedback system to physiotherapists and physiotherapy patients. The system could potentially shorten the patients’ recovery time and enable close supervision by the physiotherapists during the rehabilitation process of the patients. The system will alert to the patient whether he or she has reached the specified target exercise - as given by the physiotherapist. The feedback will be given in real time so that the patient could correct the movements performed in order to maximize the treatment. In addition, the system wil inform the therapist about the patient`s muscular activity.

Methods: The data about the angle and the EMG is obtained from ACC and EMG sensors connected to a controller. The subjects will check the system algorithm by practicing two exercises. First, the subjects will do wrong movements and wait to get negative feedbacks. Then the subjects will perform the right movements to get positive feedback.

Results: The data is analyzed through signal processing algorithm and the information will be display to the user.

Conclusion: The product will make the treatment more accessible and allow each patient a home-based treatment experience. After the patient receives instructions from the physiotherapist, he or she can practice at home without outside help and in their free time.

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