Preparation and Characterization of Fluorescent Carbon Dots for Neuroengineering

Raj Kumar 1 Vijay Bhooshan Kumar 2 Michal Marcus 1 Aharon Gedanken 2 Orit Shefi 1
1Bar Ilan University, Israel
2Bar Ilan University, Israel

There is a growing need for biocompatible nanocomposites that will efficiently interact with biological tissues through multiple modalities. Carbon dots (CDs) could serve as biocompatible fluorescence nanomaterials for targeted tissues/cell imaging. To achieve this goal, the fluorescence as well as the targeting properties of the CDs should be improved. Herein, we synthesized CDs doped with different metals (Au, Ag, Ga, Zn and Sn) and elements (B, N and P) using acoustic cavitation and hydrothermal methods, respectively. The effects of different experimental parameters on the physico-chemical properties such as size and shape were studied. The prepared CDs showed good quantum yield, minimum cytotoxicity and good cellular uptake when interacted with neural cells. Moreover, doping CDs with metals/elements improved neurites` initiation and elongation when compared with pristine carbon dots. Our research demonstrates the use of CDs for imaging and neuronal interactions. The prepared CDs show promise due to their biocompatibility, photo-stability and potential selective affinity, paving the way for multifunctional biomedical applications.

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