Architecting IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) Solutions

Guy Vinograd

A cloud-connected medical device can bring huge values to the entire eco-system, from patients to doctors to clinics, hospitals, health insurers and others. These emerging devices now have their own buzzword: The Internet of Medical Things.

But designing an IoMT system presents a huge challenge because of wide range of disciplines involved, with ever more tight regulation compliancy requirements for each of the disciplines. Such challenges include patient recovery management methods, medical device protocol adherence, connectivity protocols for both short and long range communications, IoT compression, low latency, disconnection handling, integration to EHRs, and many more.

So how to have a successful IoMT solution? In this talk I`ll discuss the tools of the trade – from device to mobile to cloud components, HIPAA solutions, and more. In addition, I will present a live IoMT demo and explain its inner workings.

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