A Novel AI Technology Helps Pharma and Biotech Companies use Online Data to Answer their Crucial Questions of their R&D Process, in Order to Optimize Decision Making

Ronen Shemesh
Pomicell Ltd., Israel

POMICELL helps biotech companies use all available online data to answer their most crucial question of their R&D process, in order to enhance and optimize decision making.

Our tailor-made solution allows for researchers to support major types of crucial decision in R&D pipeline, and includes:

  • Mode of Action (MOA) deciphering: building a model for the interactions that produce the desired effect of a drug
  • Clinical trial Inclusion/Exclusion criteria refinement to solve responders vs. non-responders’ issue: increases recruitment efficiency to help select the right target patient population and upsurge probability of success.
  • New Therapeutic Indication and Drug Repurposing strategic decision: finding new uses for known and marketed drugs.
  • Tailor-made solutions for complex data related problems

Due to the fact that Drug development costs are increasingly high and long time to market is associated with high research and regulatory risks, there is an unmet need for a data-based analysis to support crucial decision making and improve process efficiency.

For this purpose, POMICELL has developed an automatic Artificial Intelligence (AI) based support decision platform for biotech companies, allowing researchers to optimize the most crucial R&D decisions in their development pipeline. Our technology is based on a generic approach to perform a novel embedding of different data types into one simplified structure, involving a feedback loop with the researcher (Man In The Loop solution). This simplified unifying data structure makes the analysis process easier, faster and self-improving. As such, our products aim to be efficient and extremely cost effective.

POMICELL is also interested in exploring global partnership and collaboration opportunities. In order to demonstrate our ability, we offer a demo-stage mini project, resulting in vital inputs and value to our potential clients.

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