Variations of Paclitaxel Absorption in vivo Regarding to the Rigidity of Polymer Carriers

Chalom Zemmour Inon Kaner Tal Stern Hila Shoval Adi Karsch-Bluman Ofra Benny
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Drug penetration in cancer tumor using delivery formulations become critical for the success of therapies. In previous work we measured the difference in rigidity of solidified polymers micelles (SPM) compared to wet polymers micelles (WPM). A large work of particle characterization of polymer micelles was performed alongside a thorough study of cells uptake regarding to physical alterations of cancer cell lines. It was found that SPM nano-carriers have advantageous penetration abilities into tumors cells leading a higher uptake, also in multicellular entities. Here, we attempt to examine the biodistribution of polymers micelles containing paclitaxel in rodent subjects. Paclitaxel has a wide application in anticancer therapy but present a poor efficacy in pancreatic cancer. The attempt to show a progression in paclitaxel absorption in cancer cells under modification of the rigidity of polymers micelles is a great novel progression in cancer research.

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