Invited: Medical Innovation in the IDF Medical Corps – From Virtual to Reality

Itay Ketko
Medical Corps, Israel Defense Forces, Israel

The IDF medical corps is one of the largest health organizations in Israel and faces unique challenges. As part of our perception of IDF medical corps as a leader in the Israeli health eco-system the new Medical Innovation Branch was founded at the end of 2018. The main purpose of this move was to improve the organization`s ability to promote the innovative spirit within its people and to have a team that will orchestrate the efforts to improve medical care via collaborations with key players in the country and abroad, eventually allowing the medical corps to prepare today for future challenges.
We seek to present the special characteristics of the IDF medical corps and describe its aims and interfaces within the IDF and with other health organizations, government agencies, academic institutions and the industry. Throughout our talk we will present key steps in the foundation process of the organization, will discuss challenges and main principles that frame our activities and will share projects and areas of interest. A special focus will be dedicated to sharing opportunities for collaboration and several examples of future planned prospects planned for the coming year.

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