Vascular Targeting of Nano Carriers in Arterial Bifurcations

Drug targeting to sites of disease is a multistep process, which is based on the transport of drug carriers to the target region followed by deposition of drug carriers at the desired destination. Important flow parameters including Reynolds number and flow characteristics differ significantly at artery bifurcations and are highly dependent on vessel geometry and blood flow pattern. The goal of our research is to understand particle dynamics, deposition and adhesion in models of arterial bifurcations under physiological conditions. We have designed and fabricated 3D artery models cultured with human umbilical vein endothelial cells. The models were connected to a programmable perfusion system for injection of particles. Our results show that the particles tend to localize at specific sites within the bifurcation based on hemodynamics and particles properties. These findings highlight the key role of hemodynamics in the development of vascular targeting of nano-carriers.

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