Mucoadhesive Alginate Pastes with Embedded Liposomes for Local Oral Drug Delivery

Yarden Shtenberg Mor Goldfeder Avi Schroeder Havazelet Bianco-Peled
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Oral cancers are extremely common among adults with increasing incidences due to human papillomavirus, while treatment modalities are limited. This study aims to develop a new oral mucoadhesive delivery system based on the combination of alginate and liposomes. The polymer provides adhesionproperties and induces local release of the drug-loaded carriers, while the liposomes protect the drug from degradation and improve its absorption into the cells. Three hybrid alginate/liposomes delivery systems were investigated: a hybrid paste, which presented excellent adhesive capabilities, yet fast burst release of 90% after 2 h; a hybrid hydrogel, demonstrating controllable release rates of 5%, 30% or 60% after 2 h but poor mucoadhesive properties. These findings led to the development of a hybrid cross-linked paste. Polymer retention studies demonstrated that 80% of the crosslinked paste was retained on tongue tissue compared to 50% retention of the non-cross-linked pastes, verifying its superior mucoadhesion. The hybrid cross-linked paste presented controllable release rate of 20% after 2 h. Alginate paste incorporating doxorubicin loaded liposomes presented similar release rates and were highly effective in promoting cancer cell death. Thus, our innovative formulation, including both desired characteristics of mucoadhesion and sustained liposomes release, is an important milestone in the development of a new potential treatment for oral cancer.

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