Scaffolds of Electrospun Nanofibers for Soft Tissue Repair

Amir Bahar

Surgical treatments of damaged soft tissue such as, lung, skin and brain’s dura matter require: 1) Sealing of the wound area. 2) Implantation of a porous scaffold to enhance the regeneration of a new tissue. To overcome these conflicting requirements (sealing vs. high porosity), Nurami Medical has developed a biodegaradable fibrous scaffold that contains an adaptive sealing layer. The fibrous scaffold is highly elastic and supports rapid and ordered regeneration of the damaged tissue. The sealing layer has visco-elastic properties that allow adaptability to shape changes, while maintaining an absolute seal of leakage and bacterial infection. The scaffold was developed to repair damaged dura matter following neurosurgeries and its production is based on the electrospinning method. Nurami’s COO will describe the technological basis of the product and will present preclinical and clinical results.

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