BiomicBabyFeed - Discreet Best Breast Milk Collecting Gear


It all started, when one employee gave birth, and had to return to work with only a short birth vacation. As a very devoted mother, her baby had to have breast milk, so she collected breast milk. As much as a devoted mother she was a devoted worker. So she told me, when she is in the nursing room, her mind is with her project, no milk comes out. When she is next to the computer, the milk spilled. She asked me to make some apparatus that she can collect breast milk, while she is sitting at her desk, with her colleagues next to her, and collecting breast milk with them even not knowing that. It has to be small discreet and quiet.

When I started to learn the subject I realized that the device is a torture suctions machine, not imitating baby`s suctions at all. Today we have Breastfeeding Ultrasound videos that show exactly the rolls of every part in the baby`s mouth during breastfeeding. All is needed is to imitate the baby`s suctions. It is quiet, small and discreet. So I have a design for the apparatus and the electric parts for it. I have two baby`s doctors who like the idea very much. All I need is to built a prototype, to test it, to submit it for IP protection to approve it by the FDA etc.

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