3D Modeling and Reconstruction of Left Ventricle

Guy Bar Naama Razabi Idit Avrahami Asaph Nardi
Ariel University, Israel

Background: The analysis of left ventricle (LV) geometry and wall motion is a critical step for understanding cardiac functioning and blood hemodynamic for clinical diagnosis of ventricular diseases and for patients` treatment.

Methods: we developed 3D reconstruction strategic to reconstruct LV geometry and motion from clinical images of healthy and pathological cases in order to compare blood hemodynamics. These methods are used to build patient-specific models to be used as supporting tool for physicians and suggest alternative treatment approaches.

Results and conclusions: Preliminary numerical results show feasibility of the method. Utilizing the proposed approach allowed us to construct 3D models of a healthy and a pathological LV geometry, and construct fluid domain models including the geometries of the LV lumen and leaflets, and structural models of the LV myocardium. Using these models we utilized computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods and structural analyses to describe the 3D flow analyses of LV hemodynamics including wall motion, evaluate cardiac global function, and specific flow patterns in healthy and pathological cases.

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