Microsoft Internal Digital Transformation

Core Service Eng, מיקרוסופט, ישראל

Digital or digitization is referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution. With every phase of industrial growth, we have seen a massive disruption.

For example, steam revolutionized transportation; electricity revolutionized work. We’ve lived through the 3rd revolution – IT & internet.

In the midst of the 4th industrial revolution, let’s contrast the old world and the new world:

  • We are moving from an old word that was information scarce to a new world that is information abundant.
  • Similarly, static hierarchies are giving way to dynamic networks.
  • Siloed productivity is evolving to collective value creation.
  • Customers are becoming fans or brand ambassadors.
  • Instead of focusing on planning ahead, the idea of experimenting, learning and responding rapidly is taking shape.
  • We are moving from transactional systems and systems of record to systems of intelligence.

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