Shuki Dror 1 Dina Margol 2
1Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, ORT Braude College, ישראל
2Quality management, Mazor medical center, ישראל

This study develops a framework for analyzing the judgments handed down by courts in malpractice cases. We analyzed 215 cases that included awards for damages caused by medical negligence, handled by Israeli courts from 2005 to 2011. The Pareto principle coupled with the Mean Square Error (MSE) criterion supports the selection of the vital hospital departments and the vital causes of claims. A Quality Function Deployment (QFD) matrix is used to translate the desired improvement in malpractice costs into relevant medical decisions and diagnostic tests. Based on the analysis we can conclude that the essential part of all malpractice claims submitted to and found legitimate by the courts was related to the obstetrics field. We reveal that most claims have elements in common. After calculating the total amount of money paid to victims by hospitals, based on court data, we found that the group of vital causes decreased. In this study we analyze claims related to the obstetrics department. Other departments where errors are frequently made should be addressed in turn, with the objective of continuously improving the medical system.

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