Risk Assessment of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Threats in Health Care Devices

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1Technology Management Faculty, HIT Holon Institute of Technology, ישראל
2Cluj-Napoca, Technical University, רומניה

As the usage of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in medical devices is getting wider and popular, there are many new threats in health care devices. It brings many useful advantages along with many new treats for those who are using health care devices. Common threats in medical devices` usage used to be threats that may harm patients physically. Now there is a need to consider other threats such as cyber threats to the information systems and the medical devices themselves as they are introduced to any hospital or clinic. A threat in a medical device may lead to various damages that can be categorized into two groups: damages to information systems and physical damages to patients. Damages may occur at a different level of severity. This research is aimed to explore the importance of 64 cyber threats in healthcare devices.

In this research data, about 64 threats have been collected from 60 expert respondents. Each threat is analyzed with respect to three information technology dimensions and two healthcare dimensions. The chance for occurrence of that threat is also considered. This study is focused on determining the most important and serious threats. The methodology is based on the mathematical programming approach and the Quine-McCluskey algorithm.

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