Ateret Anaby Tavor
Manager, Language and Conversation,, IBM Research AI Human Agent Assist, IBM Watson, ישראל

Chatbots will probably predominantly own the future of man-machine interface. We see them progressively taking over in Customer Care centers, Command and Control systems and as Personal Assistants. From the underlying framework point of view, one of the most interesting and challenging Aspect is how to support bot builders in their quest for modularity and reuse, while at the same time keep the robustness of the bot intact, and the usage by the end user seamless and smooth. In this talk we will discuss these industry challenges and see how IBM Watson Conversation tackles them.

החברה המארגנת: ארטרא בע"מ, רחוב יגאל אלון 94 תל אביב 6109202 טלפון: 03-6384444, פקס: 6384455–03 מייל לשאלות

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