The 18th World Congress of Jewish Studies

Isaac Refael Molho (1894–1976) en España: una aproximación cultural y política

This paper aims to explore the personal achievements and scholarly results of one of the most representative Sephardic leaders in Jerusalem such as Isaac Refael Molho. I will present a biographical sketch of his Judeo-Spanish backgrounds and will highlight the importance of his activities for enhancing the cultural and political relationships between Spain and the Sephardic community of Jerusalem. The paper will focus on his ability to develop intellectual ties from an institutional and personal perspective, which led him to become a foreign correspondent member of the Royal Spanish Academy in 1969 and keep a fruitful correspondence with other Spanish intellectuals. Starting from the consideration of Isaac Refael Molho as a "document man" (Hassán 1970) of Sephardic origin, this paper will help to contextualize his contributions in the field of Sephardic Studies in a wider perspective, which would permit us to understand the changes that conditioned the study of Judeo-Spanish language and culture in Spain and Israel around the decade of the 60`s.