The 18th World Congress of Jewish Studies

Survival or Revival: Architecture on Jewish Wedding Rings

Rings with miniature buildings as bezels represent one of the most important types of Jewish wedding rings. With the rings from Colmar, Weißenfels and Erfurt, this type has the longest tradition in Central Europe, dating back at least to the Middle Ages, first motivic precursors date back to late Roman times. From this the type of Jewish wedding rings with miniature buildings developed, as we know from the different epochs - always worked and decorated according to the prevailing fashions. Thus, in Renaissance times, the temple takes on antique-like forms, and in the Baroque period, the prohibition of precious stones is circumvented by the rich use of colored enamel. In the historicism of the 19th century, one falls back - among other things - on high medieval models. In some cases, striking similarities can be observed, which lead to the question: Has the type of medieval wedding rings with architecture survived over the centuries or has it experienced a revival since the 19th century?