The 18th World Congress of Jewish Studies

Zionist or Communist: The Jew`s Dilemma in the People`s Republic of Bulgaria

The Jews that remained in Cummunist Bulgaria faced difficult dillemas, concerning their identity. On the one hand, they were ideologically Communists, on the other hand many of them were Zionists. They were obliged to follow a policy against the State of Israel, often at the expense of the Sofvie Jews - a reality that generated conflicting feelings in many of them. Although the regime was not openly antisemitic and did not prosecuted the Jews , in Communist Bilgaria were viewed with suspicion and the Soviet antisemitic waves reflected on them. Once they were "true comrades", "builders of Socialism" and were allowed to high (but never the highest) positions in the state and party aparatus, another time they were ""agents of Zionis and imperialism". This paper aims to examine the dillema of the identity that the Bulgarian Jews faced in People`s Republic in Bulgaria.