The 18th World Congress of Jewish Studies

A Re-Envisioning of the Doura-Europos Synagogue Frescoes: Homage to the Late Gabrielle Sed-Rajna

In the light of the discoveries of the last fifteen years, and the new research in the field of Early and Medieval Jewish Art, there is a need for re-considering the iconography of the frescoes in the Doura-Europos Synagogue. Remembering Gabrielle Sed-Rajna`s trip to Damascus, some twenty years ago , will lead to the raise of the question of the programmatic general picture as well as the place of this program in the development of a polemical discussion in the face of christian themes.A tentative deciphering will be prersented as an unifying visual language destined to the Jewish world, the details of which will constitute the background of Medieval Jewish Art.