The 18th World Congress of Jewish Studies

Body of the Text, Text of the Body: On Corporeality and the Book in Amir Gutfreunďs Novel Last Bullet Calls It

In her lecture, the author observes the communication between body and text in the latest novel published by the Israeli writer Amir Gutfreund Agadat Bruno ve-Adela, in which the body and text stand in its center, thus related to the texts of Schulz`s short stories from the Sanatorium under the Sign of the Hourglass. The present work refers to the essayistic considerations of Daniela Hodrová, who understands the text as a fabric and a tissue, as an open work with germinal places and its ability to attract other texts. The author gradually examines the context of murder series committed in contemporary Israel, whose victims are linked with each other not only to the rare killing weapon with its origin from the time of British Palestinian Mandate, but also to graffiti from the Sanatorium under the Sign of the Hourglass and to old secrets. She sees the writing of text as weaving and deep dreaming, examines behind-text, inter-text and over-text in order to weave the thread of the story into a meaningful pattern of fabric, to gain the context. At the same time, she shows how the graffiti in The Legend of Bruno and Adela, this savage voice from elsewhere, tries to inscribe his text into the collective soul of the city and rewrite it.