The 18th World Congress of Jewish Studies

Grupos judíos disidentes en Chile en un contexto político-social polarizado

Chile in 2022 is a troubled country: the social outbreak of October 2019 - which still lasts - led to a plebiscite, approved by a large majority, for a new constitution (the current one was drawn up by the military dictatorship in 1980). The subsequent constituent process began in 2021. Furthermore, in late 2021, a polarized presidential election between diametrically opposed candidates - one backed by the far right, which rejected the constituent process, and the other by the far left, who supported it. In addition, the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and an unprecedented incoming migratory wave.
In this scenario, we propose to analyze, following Hannah Arendt`s approaches regarding political responsibility and civil disobedience, the vision of unaffiliated groups and intellectual dissidents to the Jewish Community of Chile, which has maintained neutrality on the aforementioned issues. Firstly, the Diana Arón Jewish Group (AJDA), founded in 2019, which supported the social outbreak, called to vote for the new constitution and backed the left-wing candidate for the presidential elections. Secondly, the Feminist Coordinator of Young Female Jews (COFEJJ), created in 2018 and whose values ​​are the rights of women and dissidents, the protection of the environment and the promotion of transformations in the country, which promoted the constituent process from a feminist perspective and that publicly opposed the right-wing candidate.