ISMBE 2020

Game Changing Trauma Implants Made of MP-1™

MMATECH Ltd. introduced into the medical device market the game changing material MP-1™ of the polyimide family. Following a comprehensive pre-clinical research, which included biological, chemical, mechanical and physical tests with excellent results, the first articulating implant, a hip acetabular liner, was clinically implanted. The pre-clinical results showed excellent biocompatibility, high durability and safety. More than 110 Acetabular liner are already implanted with 2-15 years FU, as part of THR clinical study with excellent results. A new family of implants was developed for trauma injuries funded by the EU Horizon 2020 project. Orthopedic fractures are a common daily acute health issue. A significant increase of bone fracture is expected in the coming years due to aging population, more active lifestyle, falling, and road and sport injuries. Fractured bone injuries are normally treated using various fixation implants (nails and plates) made of metal or composite materials. The use of metals in orthopedics involves increasing concern of developing pre-cancerous tumors in tissues and hyper-sensitivity reactions to metals in implant devices. The new MP-1™ trauma implants have the advantage of being a non-metal device which is easier and quicker to implant and safer to use. Three kinds of trauma devices were developed – a proximal Humerus nail, a proximal plate and a distal radius screw. All three devices were pre-clinically tested and clinically implanted in animals. Histology results showed excellent biocompatibility with growth of new bone around the implant within 6 weeks.

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